The Art for Healing | Guy Clement Cohen

The Art for Healing | Guy Clement Cohen.

San Francisco-based artist Guy Clement Cohen continues to build out his sculptures, what appear as remarkable wisdom,  wholeness,  peace and fulfillment.

He describe his work as :

“I enjoy sculpture the most. I can see the whole universe in each piece. I enter into a relationship with each piece and through distinct phases we explore together the depth and quality and the wholeness of our relationship. 

The universe reflects my motives with the utmost precision, and I have to be honest to myself and others.

I work, pick and select the tools and materials intuitively and we must establish a relationship and common attraction. 

My current work is inspired by the mystic tradition. In each sculpture I reveal elements of the creation and oneness.”

Materials: Redwood from the Big Bassin forest. That is no more.  One can notice the burn marks on the bark. Mounted on ball bearings to facilitate rotation and 3 dimensional viewing.  Black granite,  Steel.
Matériaux : Redwood de la forêt de BIG Basin  qui a disparu lors d’un incendie il y a deux ans. Les traces de brûlures sur l’écorce sont visibles. Montée sur roulement à bille afin de faciliter la visualisation 3 d.
                Granite noir . Acier. Dimensions (in): 23x14x3

Guy Clement was born in Egypt in 1951 to a French Jewish Father (whose own father was a rabbi) and an Italian mother. His family moved to Paris (France) when he was five. From age six, his mother took him to museums and exhibitions, developing a strong interest in the various types of artistic expression. As a university student he graduated in Electrical Engineering. One of his favorite hang-outs in the heart of Paris were Les Halles where the Centre George Pompidou Museum was created. He developed some of the earliest Computer-Aided Art and several of his pieces were shown at the opening of the Museum in the early 70’s. In the following years he made a career in high-tech to support his art passion. He lived in Germany for several years and then returned to Paris where he met his German wife, Marlene. After studying at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), BU (Boston University) and the fine arts at the College of San Mateo, Guy and his wife adopted two daughters and settled in Emerald Hills near San Francisco, California, where they currently live.

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