Paper artist Asya Kozina was inspired by the Baroque and Rococo still lifes

Paper artist Asya Kozina was inspired by the Baroque and Rococo still lifes.

Skyscraper on the Head

Baroque and Rococo wigs used to be adorned with symbols of luxury, sophistication and the romantic spirit of the time. They were frequently bedecked with model frigates and intricate still lives composed of exotic fruits, flowers and even stuffed birds. This historic trend inspired us to link our paper Baroque wigs with the similar symbols of our time. Wishing to be consistent with the initial style of our paper sculptures, we decided to continue the existing series and so chose the items that would match the style of our earlier paper wigs. We knew at once that we wanted to take up the airplane and the skyscraper as the symbols of our time that are both bright and beautiful. Our new series is a combination of old and new luxury, where the skyscraper rises at the top of an ornate hairstyle, and the plane is decorated with flowers and ostrich feathers. We then took our project even further and went on to create a series of miniature paper wigs in glass flasks, measuring about 30 cm. They feature the Ferris wheel, the violin, and the Japanese style wig with a sprig of cherry blossoms as a symbol of the multicultural character of modern life. Not all our symbols can be viewed as cutting edge, but we preferred the objects that would fit the style of our series and make it literally and figuratively richer.

Artists: Asya Kozina& Dmitry Koziny  Ph: Anastasia Andreeva, Assistant ph: Dina Kharitonova MUA: Svetlana Dedushkina, Olga Yakushenko Models: Maria Tatarinova, Marfa Ivanova, Olesya Polyakova, Juliette Mayevskaya . You can see more of Kozina’s life-size and miniature paper costumes on her Instagram and Behance. Via ( Behance )

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