Create Beauty-to BE Beauty! – Ginger Gilmour 

Create Beauty-to BE Beauty! – Ginger Gilmour .

I am a contemporary artist with a vision to create forms and environments that touch the heart of the community with beauty and tranquillity – qualities which throughout time have served to uplift our spirits  and restore peace of mind.

During my early years, I spent many hours within my inner world-creating & transforming the images, which came to me.  Some called me a ‘dreamer’; later, some called me a ‘visionary’.  As time progressed, I came to realize that it was important to become the conductor of my imagination.  A vision was developing which through my creativity would enable me to discover, to reveal and then to live my true nature.  From that moment on each painting, each sculpture, each conversation, even the dishes gave me an opportunity to live the natural born gift given to us all…..
’The Beauty of ‘Being’ on Earth.

For me, Beauty is a quality, which leads us to the essence of all things.  When an individual, any individual, touches this….one radiates ‘Beauty’.  There is a fundamental difference between an image of Beauty and the experience of Beauty…the first is a wish, a reflection…the other is a doorway.  So to answer your question….I would say that, as each individual is uniquely different, so too the path to his or her doorway would be different.  Who knows or who can say what that would be for another.  What is important, I feel, is the path to the doorway.  All I can do is to share aspects of mine in Freedom and Respect for yours.  And Hope that you will dare to walk your own adventure-to your ‘Self’.

he completion of Bilsham is only the beginning of my next step-to Create Environments and Forms that will inspire others to Create Beauty within themselves and  within their own environments…..I cannot determine how this will manifest for each commission will be special unto itself…..I can only say………

“May the work Continue!”


It has!

Many years have passed and many cycles of awakening, of affirmation have guided me silently onwards towards creating more Beauty. It is evident that a shift is occurring within us ALL, a shift of perception which I, as an artist wish to serve.  I have discovered that through creating artwork which shifts the normal perception of How one views artwork (or Life), or ones set image of what art should be (or oneself), can  shape our reality.  A new and more beautiful story can be born necessary for Peace to unfold. For me, this is done by creating a metaphysical interaction between the viewer, the artist and the artwork. And if the images that lie before them are of the Sacred and the Divine and the Beautiful, a doorway is opened as we touch our archetypal longing for Joy, Beauty & Truth. With our Hearts open, the possibility of a new story can awaken. Mind you, It will challenge one’s own perception in the Art of Living but is it not worth it? You can see more on her website, on Facebook

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